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The Emergency Preparedness Program at Solera Oak Valley Greens consists of three INDEPENDENT groups of individuals; a committee supported by the Solera HOA, a Chartered Group*, and an Unchartered Group of individual volunteers. It is important to understand that none of these groups are formed to provide any direct assistance to residents (e.g.: providing medical attention, providing food or shelter, etc.) While residents involved with these groups (or others) may provide such assistance on their own, providing such assistance is solely and individually THEIR CHOICE!.
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"Helping You to HELP YOURSELF"


Field Reporters

*Chartered Clubs/Groups - Are clubs or groups that have been formally recognized by an action in a Solera Open Session Board Meeting. These recognized or "chartered" clubs or groups have certain privileges including the use of the Oakmont Clubhouse for meetings, the privilege of publishing articles in the Solera Oak Valley Greens Gazette, using the mail room to distribute promotional flyers, etc. "Unchartered Groups" are free to form in the community as long as they are not in violation of Solera's governing regulations or any other local, state, or federal laws or regulations.