Be Prepared
First Steps in an Emergency

  • Check to see if anyone in your home has been hurt and render first aid (if applicable).
  • Check for structural damage to make sure that it is safe to stay in the home.
  • Check for gas leaks and, if you smell gas, turn off your gas at the outside meter.
  • Make sure that your pets are OK render applicable aid.
  • If the event was an earthquake, open your garage door (if possible). An aftershock could render your garage door inoperable and make it difficult to get your automobile out of your garage. You may even consider moving your automobile(s) out of the garage and into your driveway.
  • Make sure that your Emergency Preparedness kit is accessible and in a safe location. If possible and you have time, go through the kit and update it if necessary. Remove items from the kit that can be used immediately and employ them (e.g.: lighting, radios, first aid kit, etc.)